things i have learned in australia:

.how to order coffee like a pretentious dickhead
.how to deal with sand in places it should never be
.the difference between a derro, a bogan, and a homeless person
.anything related to running a hostel
.how to fold a bottom fitted bed sheet
.mysteriously, how to cook
.that kangaroo meat needs to be marinated
.bangladeshi people eat with their hands only
.there are a lot of poorly written novels in the world
.if you wear a sundress everyday, people will start to make fun of you
.free food tastes doubly delicious
.the irish can hold their alcohol unlike anything i have ever seen, ever
.only 2% of germans are not abrasive and grumpy all the time
.too much about beer, afl, rugby rules, tides and swells, surfing, penguins, aussie stereotypes, sunburn treatments, dutch christmas and england.
.what a pancake is in every country in the world, the differences between them, and how to make the whole lot
.that food tastes twice as delicious when you're cooking for someone else
.that proper aussie blokes are everything you thought them were and more
.how to like reggae
.watching the right movie at the right time with the right amount of build up with the right people can be one of the most enjoyable experiences ever
.backpackers are as dirty, dodgy,smelly and sometimes retarded as everyone says they are
.but they are also very kind
.how much i love live music
.what makes me happy
.how to eat healthy, properly healthy
.that every situation can have a silver lining
.i can overcome a horrible situation, and sometimes sticking it out really does pay off, ten fold better than you thought it would
.how to live cheaper than even a uni student
.australians LOVE working under the table, cash in hand

in some sort of new years resolution... theres a heap of updates to come.

i'm sorry i disappeared. but i'm back. and so happy.

love, nicole 9:32 p.m.

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